because I want to be healthy


Everybody keeps on thinking about food but… guess what – I don’t care!

I don’t explicitly remember when was the time when it have happened. Sadly, it obviously had to occur somehow. Imperceptibly. A while ago, it was normal to prepare and consume nice meal with your family. Or to go out with your family for good restaurant. And nobody was thinking about calories! We were simply enjoying the food! These days, it seems that many people have ruined that pleasure for themselves.

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Medicine throughout recent years has made a lot in order to develop the possibilities for various parents to have their own children. It is indicated by the fact that at present due to several reasons and difficulties either with the man or the woman such problem may arise. That’s the reason why, we ought to also not forget that there are many miscellaneous alternatives such as For example ICSI abroad, which can help the couples realize their dreams of having an own child.